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Thorns & Spells

An online adventure!

Thorns & Spells is a cross-platform 2D MMORPG in butt plug alpha testing with an emphasis on real-time combat and sex chair open-world free sex hookups exploration. In the game, players can create and customize characters, socialize sex swing with others, compete in rated PvP, and explore phone sex an interactive and expansive online world.

Weapon Classes

Greatswords are the heaviest of the melee weapons. Using a greatsword grants the wielder an array of devastating, close-range melee attacks and the highest defense of any other weapon class.

Screenshots & Media

The following browsers are supported:

Brave Best







While Thorns & Spells is still in development, I'm hosting a public game testing event called "Alpha Weekends" where players can login, create characters, interact with other players, and explore the developing town. Alpha Weekends will help me test basic functionality while getting valuable early feedback from the players.

Thorns & Spells

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